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Have some fun with Howard and Emily!

We’ve created some fun resources and activities that you can do at home or at school.

Activities are all suitable for KS1&2 and can be adapted to suit age or ability.

You don’t have to have read the books to complete them.

Download the resources for FREE.

Check out our Facebook page for supporting explainer videos and more ideas.

We love to see what you’ve created. Send us your finished masterpieces to or post them on Facebook @howardandemily


Workshops for schools or community groups can be arranged upon request. Contact us.

School Children

What you will need: a pencil and keen observational skills

What you will need: a pencil


What you will need: crayons or pens, scissors, craft supplies, cardboard, glue, lolly stick, sticky tape

Activities: News & Updates

What you will need: template, colouring pencils or pens, craft supplies (optional)

What you will need: a pencil and paper, colouring pencils or pens

What you will need: A group of 2 or more people and good listening skills


What you will need: An old shoe box or cereal box, paints, a pencil, scissors, felt pens or crayons, sticky tape or glue, some ribbon or twine and some old magazines or photographs

What you will need: An A4 sheet of thin card, some colouring pencils or
paints and some scissors. You may need a little help from a grown up.

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