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About Us: About Us

Howard and Emily are characters from a series of children's books, created by cousins, Rachel Suddart and Joanne Young. Inspired by Rachel's daughter, Emily and her much-loved childhood companion, Howard (a toy dog), the stories have simple messages about friendship and kindness at their core. Packed with original, full colour illustrations, 50p from each copy goes to support West Cumbrian charities.

To bring these stories to life, they created The Little Potato Press, an independent publishing venture that champions reading, friendship and being the best that you can be. The name The Little Potato Press was inspired by their utterly wonderful Granda and his world-class vegetable garden.

Meet The Team


Howard is a globe-trotting superhero by day, a nap-taking champion by night. Needs a bit of a wash.


Emily can usually be found with her nose in a book. She loves having adventures with Howard, being a bit of a drama queen and hanging out with her black cat, Tom. Don’t steal her jaffa cakes. She’ll not thank you for it.

Rachel Suddart small file.JPG

Rachel lives in Cumbria with a cricket-loving coffee connoisseur, a future politician, star of the show Emily and the infamous Howard. She runs her very own word emporium, Words by Rachel and loves cowboy boots, kitchen dancing and caramel wafers.


Joanne lives in the North East with a gluten-free gamer. She makes, bakes and eats all the cakes. She loves drawing, dancing and exploring the Dales – usually in Dr Martens.

Rachel writes and Joanne draws. Together, they do all the other bits that need done.


Rachel and Joanne manage all aspects of The Little Potato Press, including print, production, distribution, marketing, post and packaging, events, content creation, general enquiries and making the tea.


The Little Potato Press supports independent businesses and wherever possible uses local suppliers.

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